Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook

Q.1: On ________________, a disastrous earthquake occurred in Kutch, Gujarat. a) 26 December, 2001 b) 26 February, 2001 c) 26 January, 2001 Q.2: Why were the villagers gathered in the school ground ? a) To watch sports competition. b) To watch parade. c) To watch inter-school cricket match. Q.3: How many people died in Jasma’sContinue reading “Ch – 14 When The Earth Shook”

Countable & Uncountable Nouns

Countable Nouns are those that can be counted and can take plurals. Eg: table (tables), child (children). Uncountable Nouns are those that do not take plurals and cannot be counted. Eg: water, information. Given below are some nouns. List those nouns which are countable and those which are uncountable: Advice Chief Bedding Soldier FurnitureContinue reading “Countable & Uncountable Nouns”

Ch – 7 Fractions

Q.1: What fraction of a day is 6 hours? Q.2: What fraction of an hour is 30 minutes? Q.3: What fraction of a kilogram is 600 grams? Q.4: What fraction of a meter is 70 centimeter? Q.5: Draw number lines and locate the points on them: a) 3/9, 4/9, 1/9, 8/9 b) 6/11, 4/11, 2/11,Continue reading “Ch – 7 Fractions”


Q.1: Change into percentage: a) 4/5 b) 0.12 c) 2.5 d) 3/20 Q.2: Convert percentages to decimals and also to fractions of lowest forms: a) 25 % b) 18% c) 125% d) 360% Q.3: Find the value of: a) 15% of 300 b) 29% of 1400 c) 18% of 3 kg d) 55% of Rs.Continue reading “Percentage”